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Ross Lowe - Derby to Toronto to Berlin and back again

February 17, 2021 Gareth Robertson Season 1 Episode 5
Pod Pit
Ross Lowe - Derby to Toronto to Berlin and back again
Show Notes

An incredible story about a self-employed English copywriter married to a Canadian, living in Berlin while expecting a baby and planning to move back to Toronto... or Derby. Ross' story is unique and as he's lived it he has had to show positivity in his mindset, decisiveness under pressure, resilience in the face of adversity and bravery when faced with life changing options to choose between.

The English Copywriter is Ross Lowe, a native English copywriter and content specialist with almost 15 years of experience in marketing and media. Ross has created content for big-name brands and corporations around the world, including FedEx, the BBC, UEFA, the Football Association, Saab, Boots and Design Pit ;0)

Among his working network, Ross has paired with professional translators to ensure that anyone and everyone in the world can benefit from native English copy that really delivers.

  • I’ve known Ross since 2012 when we met at a trade show. We’ve collaborated on projects and we’ve worked for each other over the years in design and copywriting.
  • Ross’ contact details: www.theenglish-copywriter.com / [email protected]
  • Ross discusses his journey from working for the BBC in London to moving home to Derby and setting up his business that has ultimately led him on a journey across the globe from the UK to Canada to Berlin
  • We delve into how it feels to be working in a foreign country during a pandemic
  • Ross opens up about the imminent arrival of his first child
  • Ross gives his top three tips for anyone who is faced with a decision whether to travel for work